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Personal Injury

  • Suing for Defamation: How Much Money Can You Win?
    Frequently, when individuals ask what their injury cases are worth, they are surprised to learn that there is no way for an attorney to answer that question without having access to accurate fortune tellers. Since fortune telling is all...
  • What Is Discovery in a Lawsuit?
    Individuals that are thinking about filing a lawsuit are often confused by the various parts of a lawsuit. One of the more confusing parts of any lawsuit is discovery, or the exchange of facts and evidence between the parties....
  • Can You Sue Neighbors for Fireworks Damage?
    Fireworks are really dangerous. Not only can the explosions and fire destroy property, but people can be severely injured. In some states, and localities, certain fireworks require permits, and oftentimes those permits require insurance. Regardless, there really is nothing...

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