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Personal Injury

  • $417M Judgment Against Johnson & Johnson in Latest Talc-Cancer Verdict
    At this point, there have been so many lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson over its talc and baby powder products, and judgments against the company based on cancer caused by those products, it's becoming hard to keep track of...
  • ACLU Settles Lawsuit Against CIA Torture Psychologists
    Much was made of the 'enhanced interrogation techniques' employed by the U.S. military and contractors in terrorism investigations. Often considered torture, the interrogation program was at the center of an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit filed against the alleged architects...
  • Can You Sue a Drug Company for Opioid Addiction?
    As the opioid crisis spins out of control, people are looking for ways to rein in the epidemic and for ways to hold accountable those responsible. Individuals are suing their doctors for contributing to an opiate addiction, and cities, counties,...

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